Holding On Strong In Uncertain Times

I know it’s easy for us to say to someone “hold on strong, it’s going to get better,” when we ourselves are just barely making it mentally from moment to moment. I believe that in giving encouragement to others we are also touched by that energy of positivity too. What does it take from us motivate, to share live, to push someone into positive mode?
It takes a heart that feels, it takes a soul that cares about the souls of others and it takes a strong belief system that honors faith. With COVID 19 taking lives of our people one by one most of us are scared that we may be next but let me assure you that whenever it’s our time to leave this Earth we will. Please don’t worry about leaving the World, focus on doing something meaningful while here, focus on living and not on dying; keep holding on strong on purpose.

Stay Safe❤️

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